El ladrón de almas

El ladrón de almas

lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

An unscrupulous being (Un ser sin escrúpulos). Fragment.

My English isn't the best (I know it), but I'll try to translate one of my little stories. If I have mistakes... SORRY.

This tittle is: "An unscrupulous being".
Spanish edition: "Un ser sin escrúpulos".

Moved by my faith, I wanted to find that forgiveness from my heart and from all yhe people around me. I climbed very high and steep mountains to find you. Along the way, I left blinded by pride and even lost control of my actions in the middle my fighting against each other, sometimes they were innocent. I fought left and right versus this world. Quite simply wanted to meet you. Even I murdered the most sincerity part of my soul to say 'welcome, cruelty of my being'. When I gave my spirit lost in the way, I kept chasing to find in you my salvation. I wished to change a thousand times, but ... when I finally could crossed next your side and I was able to grab you... I just did that. I spent a few inches from you and I continue being bad because, my dear friend goodness, I went to the dark side and, after that, I din't know how, nor wanted, to return, to come back ...

Signature: An unscrupulous being.

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